Monthly Archives: March 2008

Web grabbers

Check out this site for a cool range of tools for grabbing data off the web.


Using Wii Remote in your apps

This is definitely a cool gadget to check out.

I originally got the information that there is acautlly a Wii remote interface from Andrew Whitten’s blog.

Then did a number of clicks to find this blog by Rudi Grobler.

Get the API today from here.  Thanks to Brian Peek who wrote this awesome library.

Webmail settings from your application

If you are looking for using smtp service for web mail to send email messages from your application, here are the settings for some of the best-known free webmail providers:


  • Server: (SSL port 465)
  • Auth login
  • Hotmail

  • Server:
  • Auth login
  • Yahoo

  • Server:
  • Plain login
  • Finally created a blog

    Hmmm finally signed up with a blog after prolonged procrastination.

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