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Cannot create SharePoint document workspace from Word

When we create a document and go “Create Document workspace”, sometimes we are told that we are Offline. This can usually happen if we have SharePoint and Office installed within the same box, typically I hit this in development VM.

What to do? Turn out that this is a known issue with SharePoint. To get around this:

  1. Go to Administrative Tools > Services
  2. Stop the System Event Notification service

And voila! Now we’re online!


Awesome SharePoint whitepapers

An awesome lot of Sharepoint whitepapers and demos.


  • E-Mail Records Managementin Microsoft Office SharePointServer 2007
  • How to scale out a SharePoint farm and configure IIS 7 Microsoft Network Load Balancing on windows server 2008
  • How to Configure Stress Test Projects for SharePoint 2007 using Visual Studio Team Suite 2008M
  • How to move MOSS2007 from W2003_32bit to W2008_64bit
  • How to move the Shared Service Provider Search database
  • How to configure Email Enabled Lists in Moss2007 RTM using Exchange 2007
  • Securing Central Administration in SharePoint 2007
  • Code Access Security in SharePoint 2007 for Administrators
  • Modify Alert Notifications using AlertTemplates.xml in SharePoint 2007


  • Gradual Upgrade of SPS 2003 Medium Farm to 2007 RTM
  • Resetting customized sites and configuring search after an Upgrade to 2007 RTM

Check this out:

Enabling IntelliSense for BDC metadata

BDC metadata authoring can be a daunting task especially when we are so get used toVisual Studio’s IntelliSense. We can actually enable IntelliSense through these steps (in this case I’m using Visual Studio as my XML editor):

1. Open up the XML and click on the ellipsis in the Schemas property (bring up the property window)

2. XML Schemas window will open, click on Add

3. Navigate to BdcMetadata.xsd file, usually this file sits in: Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\BinĀ  folder

If you are authoring BDC metadata outside of Sharepoint Dev box, copy the xsd file out and refer to the location where you copied the file into. In my case, I like to leave my Sharepoint dev VPC running while doing some development on my Vista physical machine, so I copied the BdcMetadata.xsd file out of the VPC and put it on my physical machine.

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